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Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Volume 1

by Jeffrey Wolf Green

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul - Volume 1

If you have ever asked “Why am I here?” or “What are my lessons?” this book will help you to objectively learn the answers from an astrological point of view. Green shows you how the planet Pluto relates to the evolutionary and karmic lessons in this life and how past lives can be understood through the position of Pluto in your chart.

Beyond presenting key principles and ideas about the nature of the evolutionary journey of the Soul, this book supplies practical, concise and specific astrological methods and techniques that pinpoint the answers to the above questions. If you are a professional counselor or astrologer, this book is indispensable to your practice.

The reader who studies this material carefully and applies it to his or her own chart will discover an objective vehicle to uncover the essence of his or her own state of being. The understanding that this promotes can help you cooperate with, instead of resist, the evolutionary and karmic lessons in your life.

Green describes the position of Pluto through all of the signs and houses, explains the aspects and transits of Pluto, discusses Pluto in aspect to the Moon’s Nodes, and gives sample charts and readings. It is the most complete look at this “new” planet ever.

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Pluto, Vol II: The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships

by Jeffrey Wolf Green

Pluto, Vol II: The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships

Combining spirituality and astrology, discover how past lives can enhance or hinder your relationships today, when you read Pluto Volume II by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

For richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, you and your partners will meet again and again, over many lifetimes, until you work out the kinks. There’s just no way to skirt the issue—your soul needs relationships to evolve.

This is the law of relationships and, in Pluto Volume II, author Jeffrey Wolf Green clearly illustrates the evolutionary and karmic progression of two people throughout many lifetimes. By incorporating past-life dynamics with modern astrology, Green has created a powerful new paradigm—evolutionary astrology.

The focus of Pluto Volume II is relationships. It covers:

Green has spent 20 years as a professional astrologer who has counseled 16,000 clients. He has lectured throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and Israel.

In Pluto Volume II, Green elucidates his theory that once you understand your past life dynamics, symbolized by Pluto in your chart, you will be able to focus on key astrological principles and methods that propel you forward. In short, Pluto is the key to your personal evolution. In Pluto Volume II, Green shows how moving ahead will help improve all of your relationships.

If you’re tired of making the same mistakes again and again, isn’t it time you resolve to evolve? Then get Pluto Volume II today.

Plutón II – La Evolución del Alma a través de las Relaciones

Pluto 2 Spanish - Thumbnail of COVER for School of EA

Este es el 2o volumen del Plutón: el Viaje Evolutivo del Alma. Este volumen es el viaje evolutivo del Alma en varios tipos de relaciones que esto tiene con otra gente, y el karmic y motivos evolutivos de aquellas relaciones. Los tipos de relación como Compañeros Espirituales Perfectos, Compañeros de Karma, etc. son totalmente desarrollados. El uso de Synastry y Cartas Compuestas en el entendimiento de relaciones del Alma, Venus y Marte por los signos, aspectos y fases entre los planetas, y el Plutón compuesto en esto es etapas evolutivas naturales en cada casa es incluido en este volumen.

This is the 2nd volume of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. This volume is about the evolutionary journey of the Soul in various types of relationships it has with other people, and the karmic and evolutionary motives of those relationships. Relationships in the consensus, individuated, and spiritual evolutionary conditions are fully developed. Included in this volume: relationship types, synastry and composite charts in understanding relationships, Venus and Mars by signs, aspects and phases between planets, and composite Pluto in all the signs and natural evolutionary stages.

456 pages, published April 2016

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Structure Of The Soul

Structure Of The Soul book

The crowning jewel of Jeffrey Wolf Green’s body of work is found in his system of chart analysis. His teachings Pluto and it’s relationships to the north and south nodes of moon ,which are commonly referred to as the karmic axis, have completely eclipsed all previous information sources on the subject. This is the very foundation of Evolutionary Astrology which he pioneered.

This latest compilation of teachings and discussions from the Jeffrey Wolf Green archives library is a treat for both those who have studied the founder’s work, and for students newly embarking on investigation into Evolutionary Astrology. Chalk full of great examples to help you expand your interpretation skills, the Structure of the Soul, provides a review of the Pluto paradigm, the core principles of Evolutionary Astrology, the Nodal Axis of Pluto, and an entire section of the book is dedicated to the Planetary Nodes which provide essential background context that can be easily missed without their inclusion in understanding the evolutionary journey of the Soul.

Whether this book is a review or you are coming at it fresh – it is a must read!
Rose Marcus, Evolutionary Astrologer, Teacher, Author

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La Estructura Del Alma
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La Structure de l’ame
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A Estrutura da Alma
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La Struttura Dell’Anima
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Struktur Der Seele
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Struktura Duse
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Structure Of The Soul
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This book is also now in the process of being translated into Greek. Stay tuned.

Uranus: Freedom From the Known

Uranus: Freedom From the Known - book

Freedom From the Known is based on a 6-hour workshop that had been given in 1986 by Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of Evolutionary Astrology. It focuses primarily on the archetype of liberation from existing inner dynamics that are preventing the evolution of the Soul.

Addressed in this book are the archetypes of trauma, individuation, liberation, de-conditioning. These Uranian archetypes are always in dynamic tension with the Saturnian archetypes of individual and social conditioning. It is the purpose of Uranus to try to shatter or break free from the conformity patterns that define one’s sense of identity, in order to arrive at one’s essential unique nature that is unconditioned. The dynamic tension between Saturn and Uranus is the primary theme of this book.

Also covered are in-depth descriptions of trauma of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies correlating to the outer planets; Uranus retrograde, transits, aspects, synastry and composites; and the archetypal correlations of Uranus to anatomy, physiology, and the chakra system, making this one of the most comprehensive “must-have” books on Uranus from an Evolutionary Astrology point of view. This is a revised and expanded reprinting of the original book that was published in 1986.

Uranus: Freedom From The Known
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Uranus: Etre Libere De Ce Qui Est Connu
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Lucifer: The Influence Of Evil In The Horoscope

Lucifer: The Influence Of Evil In The Horoscope

This book, Lucifer: The Influence Of Evil In The Horoscope, is based on some lectures that my father had given towards the end of his lengthy career. These lectures have been edited by Adina Mather so that we are able to put them into this form.

My father’s desire in shining the light on this influence, and influence that we are all susceptible to, was to help us understand exactly how this influence can manifest in any of our lives. Within this he also taught that the archetype of Lucifer correlates to the ‘Bearer of Light’. In essence, the Lucifer archetype correlates to both the influence of Evil, but also to the influence of the natural God/ess that desires for us to be free of the influence of Evil itself. To do so one must be exactly aware of how the influence of Evil actually exists in our lives. This small book hopefully will do just that. Deva Green

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Medical Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Green

Medical Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Green

This is the most comprehensive book on Medical Astrology from the Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology point of view. This book is derived from the medical information contained in Jeffrey’s Evolutionary Astrology DVD course, and the message board for Jeffrey’s Evolutionary Astrology which is moderated by Rad Zecko.

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Neptune: Whispers From Eternity

By Jeffrey Wolf Green

Neptune: Whispers From Eternity

Neptune: Whispers From Eternity is a groundbreaking book that explains all the core archetypes that correlate with Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House. It starts with the core archetypes of consciousness and the structure of the Soul within consciousness in human form. A specific astrological paradigm is presented that allows the reader to understand the core structure of any Soul’s consciousness.

The natural evolution of the Soul’s consciousness is then discussed relative to the four natural evolutionary states or conditions for it to be within, and how the individual Soul consciousness is given a specific identity in each life by way of the egocentric structure that the Soul creates for its ongoing evolutionary needs.

All the additional core archetypes are discussed such as the inner directions from the Source of the Soul, God/ess, whispers from eternity that attempt to direct the Soul in its evolutionary needs, the sense and need for ultimate meaning in one’s life, delusions and illusions, what can be called the ‘god complex,’ deceptions, the collective consciousness and unconsciousness and each individual Soul’s relationship to that, various types of instability of the Soul’s consciousness such as schizophrenia, dreams and what types, hope and hopelessness, faith, miracles, the various types of wounding of the Soul, purity, innocence, victimization, scapegoating, the power of imagination, psychic phenomena, a discussion of Neptune’s lower octave, Venus, and how this correlates to the essential needs of the Soul in relationships, the transit of Neptune in Pisces, and a natural way that is provable to create a super-conscious state within yourself that allows for a perception, knowing, of the Manifest and Un-manifested Creation: God.

Each one of these archetypes is exampled by way of birth charts, actual case histories, that contributors on the Evolutionary Astrology message board have submitted that will give all of you a ‘hands on’ feel and understanding of how to apply Evolutionary Astrology in your own life, the life of your friends and lovers, and your clients if you are a practicing astrologer.

There is no other book on Neptune like this one. And, consider this: as you at this very moment are reading these words, you are experiencing the ‘world’ around you as it is. All the events going on in the world, your country, your region, your city, your group or tribe of like-minded Souls, and your own individual Soul reality within all this.

This is your living experience of Neptune! This is Neptune’s consciousness. Right now, and in every other moment in time. This is the natural triad of consciousness symbolized by the moon, your ego, Pluto, your soul, and Neptune itself: your individualized consciousness relative to the collective consciousness of all humans.

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Relationships: Our Essential Needs

By Jeffrey Wolf Green

Relationships: Our Essential Needs

In Relationships: Our Essential Needs the core archetypes are presented that correlate with in how to understand the the essential needs of any Soul in the context of the relationships that it forms with others in general, and it’s intimate others specifically. The very first chapter presents an evolutionary astrology paradigm that needs to be deeply grasped in order to understand the inherent architecture within the consciousness all of our Soul’s that serves as the foundation upon which the root essential needs for any Soul exist.

The nature and function of Venus, the nature and function of Mars, the relationship between Pluto, the Soul, and it’s lower octave, Mars, and the phasal relationship of Mars and Venus are all intensely discussed and presented in order to understand the fuller picture of the essential needs that the Soul has within the relationships that it forms. The signs that both Mars and Venus are in is also presented in order for this understanding to be deepened.

The core or root evolutionary cause or intention for the Soul’s relationship to another Soul is then discussed in Pluto in the composite chart. This correlates to two Soul’s coming together in a relationship that symbolizes where the Soul’s have been together, the core evolutionary needs and intentions, prior to the current life as well as what the current life evolutionary reasons are in order for those two Souls to continue to evolve in their relationship. In this chapter Pluto is discussed in each house and sign with its corresponding polarities in each of the natural evolutionary stages of development: the consensus, individuated, and spiritual stages of evolution.

And, finally, the last chapter deals with one couples evolutionary journey together that focuses on all the core archetypes discussed throughout this book.

This book is based on an extraction from volume 2 of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul. Specific chapters in that comprehensive book have been chosen for the purposes of this book which is to help us understand the core and essential needs that we all have in the relationships that we form.

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The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul: Essays in Evolutionary Astrology

by Jeffrey Wolf Green

The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul: Essays in Evolutionary Astrology

Deva Green, Jeffrey Wolf Green’s daughter, has put together a book, The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul: Essays In Evolutionary Astrology, that is a compilation of some of Jeffrey’s old lectures that have not before appeared in book form.

Here are the book’s chapters:

  1. Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul: A review of key principles.
  2. The Leading Edge Of The Soul’s Evolution: The Mars and Pluto Interface.
  3. The Role Of Mercury in Evolutionary Astrology.
  4. The Planetary Nodes and Evolutionary Astrology.
  5. Understanding the Sexual Archetypes and Evolutionary Astrology.
  6. Saturn, Capricorn, and the 10th House: The Nature of Dark Eros.
  7. Seven: Evolutionary Transitions.
  8. Medical Astrology: Anatomy, Physiology, and the Chakra System.
  9. The Sixth House And Issues In Self Improvement That Allow the Soul To Grow.
  10. A Planetary Method Of Evolutionary Chart Analysis.
  11. Trauma And The Outer Planets.
  12. The Evolutionary Meaning Of Retrograde Planets.

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Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto And Your Karmic Mission

by Deva Green

Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto And Your Karmic Mission by Deva Green

From the publisher’s book description:

What is Pluto’s role in the evolution of your soul? How can Evolutionary Astrology help you discover your life purpose? As the indicator of transformation and the starting point for understanding all factors in the natal chart, Pluto is one of the most important planets to focus on in chart analysis.

Inspired by the bestselling Pluto by the author’s father, Jeffrey Wolf Green—renowned astrologer and founder of Evolutionary Astrology—this groundbreaking book takes that original work to new heights and makes the study of Evolutionary Astrology clear and practical for modern-day use. This inspiring book teaches you the key essentials of chart interpretation by focusing on Pluto and the locations of your north and south nodes, combining to reveal your soul’s evolutionary stage. With Evolutionary Astrology, you can figure out the steps you need to take in order to grow—and ultimately discover your soul’s karmic mission.

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EA Glossary: Guiding Principles of Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology

Compiled by Linda Jonson

EA Glossary: Guiding Principles of Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology

The EA Glossary is a well-researched, informative and illuminating compilation of key terms, topics and guiding principles used in Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology that affirms and expands upon the core EA paradigm taught in his books: Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul (Vol. 1) Pluto: The Soul’s Evolution through Relationships (Vol. 2).

Compiled from extracts from the message board of the School of Evolutionary Astrology from March 2009 to October 2013, the EA Glossary provides indispensable study material for resourceful EA students and discerning members of the astrological community, in essence serving as a compass to help navigate into the depths of Evolutionary Astrology.

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Understanding Karmic Complexes: EA and Regression Therapy

By Patricia Walsh

Understanding Karmic Complexes

Patricia is both a graduate of Jeffrey Wolf Green’s School Of Evolutionary Astrology and a professional past-life regressionist. Patricia has written a ground-breaking book that bridges both disciplines. In it you will find actual past-life histories of individuals, gained through past-life regression techniques, that have the effect of ‘proving’ the methodology and paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology. It is exceptionally well written.

It will help all who seek to understand the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology learn to correlate the birth chart insights EA reveals with the actual life-to-life experiences that have shaped and conditioned the very nature of the lives that we live, past and present.

This book is the result of eight years of research into how past lives are reflected by the symbols in the natal chart, as described by Evolutionary Astrology. Patricia collected several thousand past life experiences from clients, students and colleagues working with past life regression, and found that all the unique points of Evolutionary Astrology are clearly illustrated through the past life stories.

The book provides 50 case studies (with natal chart correlations) of individual’s own past life stories recalled with regression, arranged as a journey through the archetypes ( Aries-Pisces). The past life stories bring the archetypes to life in a way they have not been seen before. The stories also clearly demonstrate the role of Pluto and the nodes; the rulers of the nodes; and other planets affecting the nodal axis by aspects.

This book will also broaden your understanding of how karmic imprints affect the psyche, as it provides an intimate view of the psychology of the soul, and how healing is achieved, naturally releasing the potential of the north node and Pluto’s polarity point.

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Insights into Evolutionary Astrology: A Diverse Collection of Essays by Prominent Astrologers

edited by Rose Marcus

Insights into Evolutionary Astrology: A Diverse Collection of Essays by Prominent Astrologers

Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, is a compilation work featuring original essays by Jeffrey Wolf Green, Deva Green, Kim Marie, Maurice Fernandez, Kristin Fontana, Patricia L. Walsh, Mark Jones, and Rose Marcus.


Dedication and Acknowledgements by Rose Marcus i

Introduction and Principles of Evolutionary Astrology ii

Chapter 1: (Pg 1)
Evolutionary Principles of the Soul’s Evolution
Jeffrey Wolf Green, Founder of Evolutionary Astrology

Chapter 2: (Pg 31)
From Cataclysm to the Awakening of Latent Capacities:
The Four Main Ways That Pluto Instigates Evolutionary Growth
Deva Green

Chapter 3: (Pg 69)
Evolutionary States
Kim Marie Weimer

Chapter 4: (Pg 102)
Sexuality in Astrology
Maurice Fernandez

Chapter 5: (Pg 140)
Twins – Similar Charts, World’s Apart!
Kristin Fontana

Chapter 6: (Pg 173)
When Planets Square the Nodal Axis:
Insights from a Past Life Therapist
Patricia L. Walsh

Chapter 7: (Pg 202)
Time’s Arrow: The Nature and Function of the Planetary Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology
Mark Jones

Chapter 8: (Pg 229 – 284)
The Capricorn Archetype; Pluto in Capricorn; The Cardinal World Axis
Rose Marcus

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Evolutionary Astrology: A Beginners Guide

by Ari Moshe

This book is written for beginners as well as advanced astrology students who are new to the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. It is meant as an aid to those who are interested in studying the teachings of EA as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

The core teachings of this book are focused on understanding the nature of the soul, and how to read the natal chart as a map that describes the reasons for the soul’s current incarnation – all from the point of view of the soul’s ongoing evolutionary journey from life to life.

Price: $18.55
Format: PDF
Total pages: 190+

For full details and to purchase: www.arimoshe.com

Lilith: Keepers Of The Flame

by Mary Blue

Lilith: Keepers Of The Flame by Mary Blue

This is a story about womankind’s natural role as guardians of the Flame of Spirit that dwells within the heart of all human beings. Lilith, the eternal root of the sacred feminine from humankind’s spiritual genesis, symbolizes archetypically this role women once held by sacred design and divine intent. They were known as the Keepers of the Flame, those who oversaw and guided the way humans organized themselves in all affairs that governed their lives. The foundation for their way of life was based upon Natural Law versus man-made laws.One of its core principles was the universal practice of giving, sharing and including.

The purpose of this work is to reach out to those who want to go beyond patriarchal conditioning by showing that the history we have been led and taught to believe as true, especially about womankind, is false. In fact, what is true about human nature and its original way of life came before the patriarchy, what is referred to as the matriarchy.

The original archetype of Lilith is described based on the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green with the intent to help bolster and invigorate every woman’s spirit by showing her the way back home to her own natural self; to stand again as one individual who exists as part of a group consciousness, the species human, interwoven into an even larger family comprised of all Earth’s sacred beings, and by doing so, to reconnect to the Spirit that dwells within each and every heart linking all to her own, and to relearn how to speak its Truths with passion and conviction for the benefit of all. That is Lilith.

You will know truth when it speaks to your soul. It is a knowingness that simply exists beyond the words.

As I read through the book, I felt an immediate resonance with the concepts put forth by the author. I learned, I absorbed, I embraced. Somehow I remembered. The remembering felt as natural as breath in, breath out. Great educators like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have described how ancient myths continue to inform and live on within our collective unconscious.

Our great spiritual teachers, many of whom are referenced within the pages of this book, remind each one of us of our connection to universal source, to the divinity that exists within each one of us. They invite us to embark on the journey inward, to reconnect with our center, our soul, and with the source of all that is.

In this luminous book, the author exquisitely and simply synthesizes the knowledge imparted by the spiritual masters regarding our Creatress force. She speaks of the transgender whole of the sacred feminine in its unfiltered and unconditioned version.

This is not the Lilith story with the overlay of patriarchal conditionings that give an explanation for humanity’s spiritual downfall, but rather that of her preHerstory – of the unified, fecund and regenerative Creatress seed from which all life has sprung.

I invite you to allow your own knowingness to verify the truth contained within these pages. Don’t read this book – experience it, for yourself, for your soul.
Rose Marcus Evolutionary Astrologer, Author, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrology”

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JWG Evolutionary Astrology Announcement For Authors Of Evolutionary Astrology

The Jeffrey Wolf Green School Of Evolutionary Astrology is now offering to publish new authors of JWG’S Evolutionary Astrology paradigm under the JWG Evolutionary Astrology banner. If you are an author who is writing a subject that is rooted and based in the EA paradigm who would like us to publish your book please contact us at devagreen (at) fastmail.fm for further information.

We are seeking individuals who are able to translate the various books on Evolutionary Astrology into other languages that we will publish ourselves. These books will be sold on Amazon.com through all their international sites around the world. We are also able to sell to local bookstores in any country.

The translator of any book will receive 50% of the monies received per book sale. Since we publish our books through Amazon.com the percentage that we receive per book sale is roughly 70% of the retail cost per book. All of our books are selling very well so the translator of any book in whatever language can make money on an ongoing and sustained basis.

If you are interested please contact Deva Green at devagreen (at) fastmail.fm for further information.