2) the Soul

The word Soul has been a word in almost every human language system that has ever been on Earth. So what is it?

Can we open up the brain and find it ? No, obviously we can not. But we can not open up the physical body and find emotion either, for example. Yet we know we all have emotions.

Can we open up the brain and find thought ? No. Yet, we all know grwe at least have a thought or two in our heads.

Can we open up the body and find sadness, or depression, or happiness, or love? No. Yet, we all know that these things exist within us.

So obviously we are dealing with the nature of energy. The Soul is energy, which is no different than the energy of consciousness itself. Again, we can’t open the brain and find consciousness. Consciousness is one of the very greatest mysteries of all to scientists, for they can not explain it’s origins, or even how it came to be.

Consciousness correlates astrologically to Neptune. This is exactly the starting point for what we call religion and philosophy: the human need to contemplate and consider, within the desire to know where we come from and why.

In turn this becomes the causative factor for beliefs, where beliefs are result of the human pondering upon the origin of life itself. But is there a difference between beliefs and actual knowing ? Is there a way to know the answer to the big cosmic questions, versus to need to believe in an answer ? The happy news is that there is.

For example, by the sheer fact that there is a manifested Creation that exists as fact, there must also be TRUTHS THAT INHERENTLY EXIST because of the fact of the manifested Creation in the first place. By the fact of its existence, most of us can easily reason that there has to be something that is the origin of the Creation. In generic language we could call that something the Origin Of All Things, or The Source, and in religious terminology it is called God or the Goddess.

Consciousness is certainly part of the manifested Creation. It exists. That which is the origin of consciousness, of itself, must also be conscious. Thus the totality of consciousness emanates from this Source.

As an observable fact we all know that consciousness is in all living things; all life forms. And all of these life forms have the appearance of being separate from all other life forms, yet are simultaneously connected to them; two plants next to each other appear separate, yet are simultaneously connected to one another by the sheer fact of being plants.

So on the one hand there is in fact the individualizing aspect of consciousness; yet on the other, the universal aspect of consciousness, which binds all the individual aspects of consciousness together.

the Wave and the Ocean

Another way of illustrating this is the famous story of the wave and the ocean. Most of us would agree that it is the ocean that is the origin of the wave. Yet from the point of view the wave, if the individualizing aspect of consciousness was centered there, the wave appears and seems separate. In other words, if the center of gravity for consciousness was centered within the wave, then from that center of gravity the wave appears, and is experienced as, something separate from its own source – the ocean.

On the other hand, if the center of gravity within consciousness was the ocean itself, then the ocean simultaneously experiences its totality, while at the same time experiencing the individualizing aspects of itself, as manifested in the waves that emanate from it.

In the very same way then, the Universal Consciousness, which is the origin of all consciousness, has created and manifested the totality of the manifested Creation. Which of course includes the human being and the consciousness within it.

Within human consciousness there exists a natural individualizing aspect to it. This individualizing aspect occurs as a natural result of the human life form having distinct and individual forms relative to its root – the human life form as a seed, so to speak, that produces many other branches, – no different than the ocean and the wave. Thus, each human life form has its own individualizing consciousness that is called the Soul.

The Soul then, is an immutable consciousness or energy, that is naturally part of the Universal Consciousness that created it in the first place. Immutable here means that which can not be destroyed. Why? Because energy can never be destroyed, it can only change form – to evolve.

So how does the Soul evolve?

What dynamics are inherent within it that are the cause of its own evolution ? Within all human souls there exist two antithetical desires where DESIRE IS THE DETERMINANT OF EVOLUTION.

One desire is to RETURN to that which is the origin of us, of all Creation in the first place.

And the other desire is to SEPARATE from that which is the Origin Of All Things.

This simple inner dynamic within the Soul is also the natural cause, or law, of free choice, or free will. The evolution of the Soul is simply based on a progressive elimination of all separating desires, to the exclusion of only one desire that can remain: to return to the Origin Of All Things. This does not require any belief system at all, or any religion that one must belong to. This simple truth, because it is a function of natural law, can be validated by anyone through their own life experience.

Is it not true for example that any of us can have whatever separating desire that one can imagine. For example, a desire for a new lover, or a new career post, a new possession, and so on. And we may have the ability to manifest that which we desire. And when we do, there is in fact a sense of satisfaction of actualizing that which we have desired. But what soon replaces it ? Is it not the sense of dissatisfaction, the sense of “something more”?

It is preciously this sense of dissatisfaction, the sense of something more, that echos the ultimate desire, to return to the Origin Of All Things – the only desire that will bring to us that ultimate satisfaction. All of us have this universal experience.

So how can we know, independent of belief systems, that there in fact exists an Ultimate Source?

The human being knew long, long ago, before the manifestation of religions and complicated cosmologies, through inner contemplation, inner ‘looking’, that when the breath in the body, inhale and exhale, became very, very shallow, even stopped, that there would then appear within the interior of their consciousness a LIGHT. This occurred as a natural function of the breath shallowing or stopping. Naturally.

Much later in human history this was to be called the famous third eye. And it is this very Light that symbolized, and connected, the individual consciousness reflected in the Soul to the Universal Consciousness that is the Origin Of All Things. The human being also learned long ago that by merging its own individual consciousness, or Soul, with that Light that its consciousness would then expand in such a way that the individual consciousness itself then became Universal and was then able to consciously experience that Ultimate Source Of All Things: the wave has returned to the ocean.

The point here, again, is that any human being can know and validate these natural laws through their own actual experience, which does not require belief systems of any kind. The key to do this, again, is to progressively shallow and stop the breath all together.

Any one can do this. If you doubt this, or wonder how, simply try the following natural method to do so: on your inhaling breath simply mentally affirm the number one. On your exhaling breath simply mentally affirm the number two. The ‘secret’ here is to concentrate as hard as you can simply on the numbers one and two. This act of concentration, intensified by desire manifesting as will, progressively causes the breath to begin to shallow and even stop.

Remember that consciousness is energy and can not be destroyed. It can only change form. Thus, as some may think, when the breath is stopped it does not mean you have to die. Consciousness is NOT dependent on the human form.

When the breath is stopped, the inner LIGHT, which is intrinsic to consciousness, will soon begin to appear. As it does so, simply move into it by the conscious act of surrender. Surrendering to it will then allow for a merging of your own consciousness with that Universal Consciousness, as symbolized in the Light. ANYONE CAN DO THIS AND THEN KNOW FOR THEMSELVES THIS NATURAL TRUTH.

The Natural Law of Breath

It is this natural law of breath, when stopped or deeply shallowed, that allows for what all the great teachers of relatively recent centuries, when compared to how long the human being has actually been on the planet, have said, including Jesus: “When thy eye is single, one’s whole body is full of light.”

Symbolically speaking, the two physical eyes that we have correlate to the two motions of breath: inhale and exhale. It is the inhaling and exhaling of the breath that keeps one’s consciousness utterly involved and enmeshed in the duality, or polarity, of life itself.

Likes and dislikes, happy and sad, love and hate, etc, etc correlate to, and demonstrate, this natural law. The numbers one and two correlate to the natural law of finitude and duality: cause and effect.

Yet between one and two, exists an interval, or zero. The interval, or zero, correlates to the Universal Consciousness, or infinity. Thus when the breath stops or becomes very, very shallow, the interval is then perceived.

And what is perceived in the single eye, or what has been called the ‘third eye’ that naturally exists within the interior of consciousness and can be accessed, merged with, is our Soul. When this occurs, the law of duality ceases to exist. The ultimate satisfaction is then realized. The Soul correlates astrologically to Pluto.

From the point of view of natural laws, it is interesting to note, historically speaking, that advanced mathematics like algebra, trigonometry, quantum physics, and so on could not have been realized unless there was an idea or conception called zero. This occurred in the third century A.D. in India. It was the Indian mathematicians that conceived the number zero. And, of course, from the point of view of Indian cosmologies, this occurred as a direct extension of their natural understanding of the origin of Creation: out of nothing, or zero, the manifested Creation occurred: the unmanifested/ manifested, or the causeless cause.

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