6) The Individuated State

Astrologically speaking, the individuated state correlates to Uranus, because the Soul now desires to liberate or rebel against the consensus state from which it is now evolving away from. Instead of the Soul being defined by the consensus to shape its sense of reality in general, and its personal identity specifically, the Soul now desires to discover who and what it is, independent of such conditioning.

Earlier is was stated that if a Soul were in the consensus state and the scientist said ‘astrology is bogus’, this would then be the automatic belief of those Souls who are within the consensus state. If that same scientist said this to a Soul within the individuated state, the response would be something like ‘no thank you, I will think for myself’.

Souls in this evolutionary state inwardly feel ‘different’: different than the majority of the society and country of birth. Because of the desire to liberate from the consensus, the awareness of Souls in this state progressively expands to include ever larger wholes, or frames of reference.

This expansion of awareness begins because the Soul no longer can identify with the consensus of the society of birth. As a result the Soul now feels a progressive detachment from society: like standing on the outside and looking in. This then allows the Soul to ‘objectify’ itself, relative to personal awareness and self-perception. Rebelling against consensus beliefs, values, moralities, what constitutes ‘meaning’ for life itself, and so on, the Soul now begins to question the assumptions that most people hold dear to their heart that correlate to what ‘reality’ is and is not.

As a result, this Soul now begins to ‘experiment’, by investigating other ways of looking at and understanding the nature of life itself. This is a reflection of the independent thinking that characterizes this evolutionary state. And it is through this independent thinking and investigating all kinds of different ways of understanding life, including ideas, beliefs, and philosophies from other lands and cultures, that allows for an ever-increasing expansion of their consciousness, and thus, their sense of personal awareness. As a result of this such Souls no longer feel at ‘home’ in their own land, in their country of birth.

a) In the first subdivision of the individuated state, the Soul will typically try to ‘compensate’ for this inner feeling of being different, of not belonging to the consensus, and the inner sense of alienation, by trying to appear normal. This compensation then causes the Soul to structure their outer reality much as Souls do in the consensus state: normal kinds of work, normal kinds of friends, normal appearance, and so on.

Yet inwardly they feel and know that they can no longer personally identify with that compensatory reality that they attempt to sustain. This compensation manifests in this subdivision because, after all, the consensus is where the Soul has just been. Thus it constitutes a sense of security, relative to the inner feeling of being detached and different. We must remember that for most people, the sense of security in life is a function of constancy, self-consistency. And self-consistency is a function of the past. As a result, the compensation manifests as a reaction to this increasingly new feeling of being different, of not belonging anymore to the consensus. This feeling creates a sense of insecurity in this first subdivision because is it brand new. The Soul has not been here before. Yet this act of compensation creates a very real state of ‘living a lie’.

Even as this compensatory behavior occurs, the Soul will nonetheless be questioning everything, deep within themselves, in the privacy of their inner life. Typically they will read all kinds of books that contain ideas that go way beyond the ‘norm’ as it is defined by the consensus. Many, depending on cultural possibilities, will take classes or workshops that have these themes or intentions. Some will seek out ‘alternative’ environments to find and bond with others of like mind – others who feel as they do.

This compensatory behavior will progressively give way, involute, as the Soul evolves further in this subdivision. The Soul will progressively distance itself from the consensus and begin to form relationships with other alienated Souls just like itself. Because of the necessity of work or a job, most of these Souls will either do any kind of work just to get by, without identifying with such work in any way, or they will actualize a work that is individualistic and symbolic of their own individuality.

b) In the second subdivision of the individuated state, the underlying archetype of Uranus as it correlates to rebellion is at its highest. This rebellion is so extreme that the Soul has now ‘thrown off’ almost any idea or philosophy that has come before, at any level of reality. Such Souls end up in a kind of existential void, and typically hang out with other such alienated Souls, which has the effect of reinforcing the total state of rebellion from all of reality other than the reality they have now defined through the existential void.

These Souls will exhibit a deep fear of integrating into society in any kind of way, for the fear suggests to them that if they do, that somehow that very same society or reality will absorb their hard won (at least to them) individuality, which is defined through the act of rebellion, in this stage.

As a result, these Souls typically hang out in the avant garde of society, hurling critical atom bombs at society, so as to reinforce their sense of personal righteousness, defined by their alienation from the consensus. Because of the natural law of evolution (which is always preceded by an involution), these people at some point will realize that their fear of integrating into reality, into society, is just that: a fear only. Once this is realized, they then begin to make the effort to integrate back into society, but with their individuality intact. Once this is realized, the Soul will then evolve into the third subdivision.

c) In the third subdivision of the individuated state, the Soul will then begin to manifest within society or reality as a truly unique and gifted person, from the viewpoint of the consensus.

This means that such Souls will have in some way a unique gift, or capacity, to help the consensus itself evolve, through integrating that capacity or gift within the consensus. Yet these people will not inwardly feel identified with the consensus: they stand inwardly very distant from it. The consciousness of these Souls has progressively expanded through the individuated state in such a way that they are aware of the entire world and the relativity of beliefs, values, moralities, and so on. As a result they will feel within themselves to be ‘world citizens’ much more than being a singular citizen of the country of birth.

The inner pondering of the very nature of existence, the nature of Creation, the nature of who they ‘really’ are, essentially defines the nature of their consciousness. Progressively, these people begin to really open up their consciousness to the universal, the cosmos, to God/ess. Not the God/ess defined through consensus religions, but the real or natural God/ess. A perfect example in recent history of such a soul is Albert Einstein. Another would be Howard Hughes.

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