3) the Ego

Coming into human form, the Soul will manifest what is known as the ego. The ego correlates astrologically to the Moon. The ego, too, is pure energy. We can not open the brain and find it.

Unlike the energy of the Soul, which is sustained from life to life until the final merging with The Source occurs, the energy of the ego in any life is dissolved after that physical life ends.

The analogy of the wave and the ocean again serves to illustrate this point. The ocean can be equated with the Soul, and the wave can be equated with the ego. Of course the ocean (Soul) is manifesting the waves (ego), life after life. And just as the waves can rise and fall, in any given life that the Soul creates the ocean is sustained.

In other words, the egos that the Soul manifests in each life rise from birth, but finally dissolve back into the ocean (Soul) upon the completion of that life. Its energy is not destroyed, but simply absorbed back into the energy that created it in the first place. The ego created by the Soul thus allows for the individualizing aspect of the Soul in each life.

the Ego as vehicle of evolution

In each life the ego is created by the Soul in such a way as to serve as the vehicle through which the evolutionary intentions of the Soul in that life can occur. Each ego that the Soul creates is oriented to reality in such a way that the very nature of the orientation serves as the vehicle through which the life lessons can occur and be understood by the Soul. In each life, the ego allows for a self-image of the Soul to occur, relative to the individualizing aspect of the Soul.

An analogy to a movie projector will illustrate the point. If I have a movie projector loaded with a reel of film, and a screen in front of the projector, and I turn on the machine, generating light from it, I will have no distinct image on the screen unless I also have a lens in the projector. Without the lens, what manifests from the projector is simply diffuse light. Thus the lens serves as a vehicle, through which the images on the film can be focused and given distinct shape and form.

In the very same way, the ego that the Soul generates in each life allows for a vehicle, or lens, through which the inherent images that exist with the Soul can take form. This natural law of consciousness is thus the cause that allows for individual self perception and the word “I” itself.

The Soul, Pluto, also correlates to the genetic code – RNA and DNA, chromosomes, and enzymes. In each life the Soul IS THE DETERMINANT FOR THE ENTIRE GENETIC CODE OF THE LIFE, HUMAN FORM, THAT IT IS BEING BORN INTO. Each life that the Soul chooses is a continuation of that which has come before, where each new life taken correlates to the ongoing evolutionary lessons or intentions of that Soul. Thus, the body type, which includes which race to be born into; the appearance of it; the culture to be born into; the parents of origin; the specific and individual nature of the emotions, feelings, psychology, desires; and so on, correlate to the Soul’s intentions, reflected in the genetic code in total, in each life.

This is all then given individual form in each life via the egocentric structure (Moon) that the Soul creates in that life. Thus any person can then say things like “this is who I am”, “this is what I need”, “this is what I am feeling”, “this is what I am trying to learn”, and so on: the individualizing aspect of the ego that the Soul creates in each life.

The Astral Plane

When ‘death’ occurs in any given life, as stated earlier, the ego that the Soul has created for a life then dissolves back into its origin: the Soul. Since both are energy, and energy can not be destroyed, where does the Soul go upon the physical death of the body? In other words, where is it on an energetic level?

Most of us have heard the words ‘the astral plane’, or heaven and hell. Obviously, what these types of words refer to are other realities or planes of existence. There are in fact other energetic realities or planes of existence.

Simply speaking, the astral plane is an energetic plane of existence that all Souls go to after the completion of a physical life on places like Earth. Energetically, this plane of existence is much less materially dense than places like Earth.

After physical death the Soul ‘goes to’ the astral plane, in order to review the life that has just been lived, and to prepare for yet another birth on places like Earth. Upon the completion of a life on Earth, the ‘ego’ dissolves back into the Soul in such a way that the center of gravity within the consciousness, within the astral plane, is the Soul itself.

For most folks living lives in the material plane we call Earth, the center of gravity of consciousness is the ego itself. This is why the vast majority of people living feel within themselves that they are ‘separate’ from everything else, the center of gravity being the egocentric “I”. In the astral plane the center of gravity shifts to the Soul itself so that when death occurs in any given life the ‘memory’ of the ego of that life is sustained.

Lives to Come

This memory of the ego is necessary for the Soul, for it is the memory of the ego that allows the Soul to not only review the life that has just been lived, but also serves as the basis for the next life to be lived, relative to the continuing evolution of the Soul itself. In each life we all pick up where we left off before. Thus, this memory of the ego in each life serves as the causative factor of what type of egocentric structure the Soul needs to create in the next life.

In essence, it is the memory of the ego that the Soul draws upon, the ‘images’ contained therein, that serve as the basis of the next ego that the Soul needs to generate in each successive life to promote its ongoing evolution. Astrologically speaking, this is symbolized by Pluto (the Soul), and the South and North Nodes of the Moon.

The South Node of the Moon correlates to the Soul’s prior egocentric ‘memories’, which determine the natal placement of the Moon in each life – the current ego.

The North Node of the Moon correlates to the evolving ego of the Soul – the nature and types of inner and outer experiences that the Soul needs, desires, in order to facilitate it’s ongoing evolution. In turn this will then constitute the ‘new’ egocentric memories, images, that the Soul will draw upon when a life has been lived and terminated at physical ‘death’.

Most of us are aware that the Moon also correlates to one’s family of origin in any given life. It should be clear then that upon the ‘death’ of the physical body, the Soul ‘goes to’ the astral plane, and meets again important family members, and others close to the Soul. This is also why, for many Souls, we continue to meet again those family members upon rebirth into yet another physical life on places like Earth. It is the memory of the ego now combined with the memory of family that is the determinant in this phenomena. And this phenomena is sustained until there is no longer any evolutionary or karmic need to sustain such relationships.

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